A Prayer for Tamir: One Year Anniversary

Tamir Rice
Tamir Rice

We gather at this time

3:30, November 22,

because Tamir Rice’s family,

and our own sense of integrity and justice,

calls us to do so.


In their grief and outrage,

they call us to be our best selves,

in the wake of their beloved 12 year old,

shot and killed one year ago.


There are too many names,

too many Black & Brown people:

Killed by law enforcement.

Killed extra-judicially.

We commit to bring to a close

this unholy chapter of American history.


We do it in Tamir’s name.

And in the names of so many lost.

Let us speak their names now

into this sacred gathered space.


[names spoken aloud]


Let our hearts, our voices, our bodies

affirm no more violence:

Not in our names.


* To be delivered today at the G.R.A.C.E. meeting in Littleton, MA, Unitarian Universalists meeting to grow racial and cultural equity.